Walima Invitations : Muslim Ceremony

Walima Invitations

Walima Invitations

Walima Ceremony is second next part of an Islamic Wedding as this ceremony is performed, soon after the Nikah (Wedding ceremony). The Walima word comes from Awlam, which refers to gathering or assembling. In Walima Ceremony, newly wed couple hosts a reception party so that their near and dear one can get an opportunity to celebrate the togetherness of bride and groom. Generally, it is the blessings of near and dear ones, which does count as most important thing, during the ceremony.

Walima Invitations are sent to the guests to come and join this pious occasion. The newlywed couple does take their seats on a stage which is generally decorated with beautiful flowers and lights. A buffet dinner is arranged either inside the hall or in the lawn outside. Now a days, people do try to make this event as lavish as they can and for that they even do not mind being extravagant.

Well if you want to make your Walima Ceremony memorable then without spending huge amount, you can make your ceremony memorable. All you need is to think of out of the box. Here are three things which you can do:

First, get hold of an attractive and unique designed Walima Invitation that not only stuns your guests but makes them feel that they are really going to a grand ceremony and they are invited to be part of the royal party.

Second idea is to rope in a wedding band because without music the ambience would be monotonous. If affording a popular music band or famous singers, is something which is out of your pocket, then the best thing is to hire a local band because by no means they are going to put extra burden on your budget. Since it’s a special day which comes once during a life time so you won’t mind spending a little more, in order to ensure a perfect Ceremony. A wedding band has become a must thing for reception parties. Whether it is a bollywood music, lollywood music or light instrumental music but make sure that music is not missing from your Walima ceremony.

Another interesting idea can be giving a dress code to all your guests. That would certainly make your the ceremony stand apart from the Walima ceremonies hosted by others. So do not be shy and be innovative so that your Walima ceremony is cherished by your guests for a long time.

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