Walima Ceremony Invitations – Give a Perfect Style to Pious Occasion

Walima Invitations

Walima Invitations

Wedding is not a single day event rather it includes pre and post wedding functions also and all the wedding events are celebrated with much fervor. All religions have different rituals and traditions related to marriage. However, the ritual may differ among religions but the essence of all is the same which is that it is a pious occasion and guests need to participate in it in order to bless the couple.

In the Muslim religion, after nikah which means wedding and ruksati ceremony, the next ceremony that takes place in Islam is Walima ceremony. This is a kind of reception where the guest are invited to shower their blessings on the newly wedded couple and all the near and dear one gather at one place to mark this occasion.

The reception holds an important place too as it is a grand function and requires a lot of preparations. These preparations are not easy to do as everything from decoration, caterers, venue, and music needs to be perfect. The most important among these are the walima invitations. These are in fact the most important part of the preparations as the occasion will be a success only if guests attend it and if the invitation is so impressive, it will no doubt force the people to attend the marriage ceremony.

The bride and the groom and their outfits should be perfect too. There are different wedding planners who take care of these things and would make your reception perfect. To make the reception happening there are lot of things that can be done like a proper music system and dancing floor. Good music has the power to make any ordinary event extraordinary. Dance also rejuvenates everyone and the event will be more enjoyable. Good food is also a thing to be taken care of. The menu should be good and different cuisines should be there in it.

If one wants to add more to the reception there could be a theme and everything from invitation cards to the decoration and food items can be based on that theme. The dresses that people wear on that day will be according to pre defined theme. The bride and the groom can also wear the theme based attire. All this will make the Walima ceremony more special and unique and will be cherished by one and all. The guests who are part of this reception will also enjoy and relish this experience. Dance, Music, Good food will all make the function entertaining.

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