Things to Remember Before Ordering Shadi Cards

Muslim Shadi Cards

Shadi Cards

Wedding is announced by wedding cards and so they need to be perfect in every sense and there should not be any room for errors. Since the invitation cards create the first impression as to what would wedding be like, so they need to be chosen carefully. Equally, care should be taken with respect to the wedding invitation wordings and the vital information provided on the card should be checked twice and if possible thrice.

There are many websites and online wedding card shops such as Muslim Wedding Cards that showcases beautiful wedding cards and it is not at all difficult to customize these cards but the effort is required to select the best. There are certain things that should be taken care of in order to make the wedding card special, first and foremost is the design and look. Remember, the design of the card throws the first impression and it is necessary that the card should be awe the guests. The design and look of the card should be attractive so that one feels the inclination to go through it.

The colors on the card should be bright and not too many colors should be used as they make the card illegible. If too many colors are used, the card loses its appeal and the information is also not conveyed properly. The design could vary from traditional to modern and can be one side open or covered or any other design according to one’s taste.

Next important thing is content, the content should be appropriate, everything like venue, time, date and all the other necessary information should be mentioned on the card and the font should be proper. It should not be too large or too small and every things that is written on the card should be in proportion. An out of proportion font size could reveal some information and could inadvertently hide the other.

Language should be chosen according to the guests, professional circle can be given the cards in English and for family members the local dialect like Hindi, Urdu can be used. Cost is another important factor. The budget and guest list should be decided before the printing of cards so that the exact cost that can be estimated and can be kept within the budget. The cards should be ordered according to the number of guests so that there is no wastage. The printers should also be carefully selected and one or two sample prints of the cards should be taken prior to the final printing order of the card. All these factors will make the selection of wedding cards easier.

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