Shadi Cards are not just invitations they mean lot more


Shadi Cards

Shadi cards are not just invitations these are symbols of love, importance and joy. When a wedding is planned many rituals and traditions are considered, inviting people is one of them. The tradition of inviting people is as old as the institution of marriage itself.  A Wedding card is a medium through which bride, bridegroom and their families communicate their intense joy and plans for the special day. Any day becomes special with family and friends and on occasions like wedding, the presence of loved ones is highly cherished. A wedding card is designed with utmost care as it is the first step and contains every needed detail regarding the wedding; it also sets the theme of marriage and gives a perfect start to the sacred occasion.

The range of wedding cards is diverse from simple, traditional to modern. It is a kind of foretaste of what the wedding will be. If a special theme is chosen by the couple even this is communicated through a wedding card. The emotions and sentiments of bride, bridegroom and family members are communicated in the form of poem, couplets and sometimes just by the special words in the invite. It is a way through which we try to make our near and dear ones part of the special day. Invitation card is something that is treasured years after the wedding as by just looking at their wedding card, people can easily relive the lovely memories of their wedding.

When selecting a design of wedding card utmost care should be taken and all the relevant and necessary information regarding the venue and date etc. should be printed on the card carefully in an easy to read form. This will not only make it easier for the guests to remember the date and time of the occasion but it will also make sure that they attend the occasion.

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