Religious Muslim Wedding Cards – Inception Of Once-In-A-Life-Time Ceremony

Muslim Wedding Cards

Wedding is the most important special occasion for all of us, irrespective of faith, religion and caste. Since wedding invitation cards are the harbinger of the good news, it is chosen with special care and is designed in a beautiful way with the inclusion of religious wordings and chosen colors and so. In this world many religions exist, and every religion has their very own religious customized wedding invites. Muslim Wedding Cards aren’t any different since their wedding invites contain delicate intricate patterns, dashing colors, religious verses, calligraphic messages and so.

Religious and Social Union:

The wedding ceremony of Muslims is a joyous occasion of religious and social get-together to witness the bonding of two people. The holy bonding of the two people, Islamic Wedding comprises of two events, they are, Nikaah and Valima. Nikaah is an invitation that goes from the bride’s side, whereas Valima is sent from the groom’s side. Unlike most of them think, the importance of sending out wedding invites is not only because it is an invitation that carries the good news of the holy bonding of two lives, the date, name, time and venue of the wedding but more than that. The wedding invitation cards of Muslim carries good old traditional religious of Islam. Muslim weddings are also known as ‘Nikaah’ or ‘Nikaahnama’ which contains verses from the Holy Quran as blessings to the to-be-married couple. Islamic Wedding is popular for their dashing colors like green, red, crème, gold, and each color represents religious importance, intricate patterns and designs. For instance, the color green has religious significance whilst red represents fertility. Unlike Hindus who consider color black to be ominous, black color is also added in the Muslim wedding cards.

Top of that, the materials that are used to make the Muslim wedding cards are satin, metallic paper, silk, velvet or so. The wedding invitation cards of Muslims are elegant because sparkly tissue papers are used to cover the cards which appear like veil. The wedding invite cards are embedded with stones or bindis, and it has traditional Islamic symbols like dome, floral patterns. The Islamic Wedding Cards are designed in Farmaan style, a roll type which reminds us the time of Moguls and Afghans. Calligraphy is a must in the Islamic wedding invitation cards like the moon, but at the present day, people are leaning more towards English than Arabic. There are lots of Muslim wedding invitation cards stores available online so take your time and choose your pick.

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