Radiant Muslim Wedding Cards

Muslim Wedding Card

Nikaah is a beautiful ceremony which binds two hearts together for a lifetime. This blissful occasion of unconditional love and commitment even envelops the families and friends present to witness the occasion. Islamic wedding know as Nikaah in Urdu is carried out in a beautiful manner. Exclusively designed Muslim Wedding Cards make this event graceful.  Like in any other religion, wedding invitation cards are of great importance in Muslim community.

The wedding invitation cards are chosen with the utmost care. Once the wedding invitation cards are ready then it is cordially sent to invitees to notify them of the elite occasion that is Nikaah or Nikaahnama. There was a time when people just thought of invitation card as a mere medium to announce the world, names of the couple who are going to be tied in wedlock. Today wedding invitation card is more than that it depicts the social status of the families involved. Now the guest lists contains renowned personalities and celebrities so it is essential that the invitation card should justify the occasion.

Muslim like to follow their traditional, so will find this touch in every minute details of the wedding invitation card, whether it is colors, quotes, designs, patterns adopted to make Muslim wedding cards. In Islamic wedding cards, you will come across characteristic inscriptions, which relates to Holy Quran. The colors with religious significance in Islamic culture are chosen for the cards that’s why you will find more often green, cream, red and golden colors. The color green in Muslim faith is considered to be an auspicious and religious color, and the color red represents celebration and good luck. A strong influence of Afghan and Mughal culture can be seen in Muslim Wedding Invitation cards. Pattern such as leaves and feathers in various designs, pictures of domes, moon and peacock are some other popular designs you will find on cards. The Muslim wedding invites look stunning as it is made of fine silk, satin, metallic, handmade or velvet paper. In some wedding, cards have verses Holy Quran written as  it is considered good to start this lifelong journey with the blessing from Almighty Allah. The poetry from Mughal era is also seen commonly on cards.

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