Muslim Wedding Invitation

Marriage is the most important occasion in everyone’s life. It is an event of great significance in every religion. It is the day when two individual embark on a life-long journey of togetherness.

Wedding Invitations form a very important part of every marriage. They are designed in the most beautiful and creative way, to invite people for this very special occasion. Every religion has its own way to celebrate marriage, but wedding invitation cards are equally essential in all.

In Muslims, the wedding ceremony is known as ‘Nikaah’. It is followed by a lunch or dinner which is known as ‘Valeema’. Muslim Invitations are primarily sent for these two ceremonies. It is a common perception that a wedding invitation only invites people and informs them about the names of the bride and bridegroom along with the date and venue of the wedding. In reality, a wedding invitation conveys a lot more than that. It displays the special sentiments of the family of the bride and the bridegroom. It also gives information about the schedule of other important functions such as Mehndi, Vida etc.

Other common colors used in Muslim invitations are golden, beige and red. The invitations are beautifully adorned with designs of leaves, domes, heart, peacock feathers and other intricate patterns. Their beauty is further magnified with the help decorative objects such as gems and bindis. The cards are made extremely attractive by printing them on satin, velvet, silk, metallic paper or handmade paper. The Muslim culture is rich in poetry and beauty. Poetry is a common part of wedding invitations.

It is a common observation that Muslim Invitations include some verses from the Holy Quran. They are prayers to shower the blessings of the almighty on the couple. Wedding is an occasion of cultural and religious importance. It is customary to seek the blessings of the almighty at the onset of this life-long journey.

Apart from the verses, the invitations also carry special symbols of religious significance such as the moon. Calligraphy has been an important part of the Muslim Culture. Their cards are beautifully ornamented with the help of calligraphic patterns.

Marriage is an event of life-time in our culture. No stone is left unturned to make it memorable. Wedding Invitation is a very important ingredient of every marriage. These invitations can be the wide range of online-card stores. These stores customize their cards according to the preference of their customers. They identify the needs of their customers and provide cards which are extremely beautiful and are according to their budget.





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