Muslim Wedding Cards – Brings Back Cultural Heritage

Islamic Invitations

Marriage is a beautiful occasion since it brings two hearts together, and it envelops everyone in the joyous occasion of love and commitment. Islamic wedding, Nikaah is conducted in a beautiful manner and it is made perfect with specially designed Muslim Wedding Cards. Like other wedding invites, wedding invitation cards of Muslim are also important since it acts as an informer of the good news that is going to take place in the near future.

Exceptional Muslim Wedding Cards:

Once the selected Islamic wedding card is ready, it will be sent to the invitees to inform the special occasion, Nikaah or Nikaahnama. As most of us think, wedding cards not only carry the name of the bride and groom, the date, time & venue of the wedding ceremony, but also more. Muslim marriages are very traditional, and they have special colors, inscriptions, designs to make their wedding cards quite customary and significant. In Muslim wedding cards, one would come across typical inscriptions, which relates to their religion and Holy Quran. One might also come across colors, green, red, gold and cream more often in the cards. Reason is green is considered to be their religious color whilst red is considered as a fortunate color which is related to fertility thus fitting to have been designed in the Muslim marriage invitation cards. Moreover, red color on the wedding invite is the mirror image of the red designs seen on the palms of the bride.

Muslim weddings cards are brilliant and eye-catching because it is more colorful and it brings back cultural heritage to life. The designs, like, the leaves, domes, peacock design, feathers, and the intricate pattern, and are quite commonly seen in Muslim wedding invitation cards are related to the old Mughal art. The wedding invites of Muslim are all the more stunning because it is made of satin, silk, metallic paper, velvet and so. In some wedding invitation cards of Muslim, verses from their Holy Quran are added as blessings to be bestowed upon the bride and groom for the sacred journey. Calligraphy, symbols like moon, also play a major role in wedding invites of Muslim. There are different types of Islamic Wedding Cards available online for different occasions such as Valima and so. With technology progressing so much, a customer could print customized wedding invites online and have unique customized wedding invitation cards ready.

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