Muslim Wedding Cards – Blend of age-old Traditions

Muslim Wedding Cards

Marriage is an auspicious union of love and commitment of two beautiful hearts, and to share this special moment relatives and friends are invited from far across the world. Before the wedding could take place, one starts to plan about things that will make this special day even more special. No matter the religious and cultural differences, marriage is something everyone enjoys. Like any other wedding invitation cards.

The Merge of Religious and Modernity Facets:

As for the wedding invitation cards of Muslim, the designers keep in mind cultural, religious and aesthetic aspects. There was a time when wedding cards are thought to be a carrier of information of the bride and groom name, wedding ceremony, date, time and venue. However, a wedding invitation card does more than that since it is an amalgamation of the traditions and modernity. In the Islamic wedding invitation cards, one could spot color green on the invite card more often because of its religious importance. The color red represents fertility which is why it is added in the wedding invitation of cards of Muslim, and moreover the red color also shows likelihood to the Mehandi designed on the bride’s palm. It is a known fact that the traditions of Mughuls and Afghans have been passed onto Muslims which is why we see a tinge of Moghul art in Muslim Wedding Cards, and the old traditional art like leaves, domes, peacock, and feathers and elaborate patterns are also added.

Islamic wedding, Nikaah has bride and groom recite poetry which also comes from Moguls and Afghans. The patterns on the wedding invitation of cards closely resemble Mughal art. To marks this auspicious occasion, cards are made with materials like satin, velvet, metallic paper and moreover, shiny tissue paper is used to cover the card which looks like a veil. In some Islamic wedding cards, verses from Holy Quran are added to bestow blessings from Allah on the married couple, and symbols like moon are added so is calligraphy, which proves Muslim weddings are indeed traditional.

Gone are the days when one used to search for Wedding Invitations card in the local market. Today, the trend is online Muslim Wedding Card Invitation Stores. In online stores, you will get cards for marriage as well as other occasions like engagement, housewarming, birthdays and lots more.

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