Muslim Wedding Cards, a signature style of Muslim weddings

Muslim Wedding Cards

Wedding marks not only the rendition of two souls, but also the intertwining of two different families along with their culture. In India, wedding is considered to be the most sacred social event of one’s life. Thus, everyone wants everything to be perfect on his or her wedding day.

A wedding invitation card should accompany such a pious event. Wedding cards are no longer considered just as an invitation but also as a way of indicating one’s personal style & perception of life’s most pious event – Wedding.

Such cards come in various price brackets to suit your pocket. Cards may be made of handmade paper in rainbow colors adding an environment friendly touch to your wedding and shall leave you spellbound. You can also select from designer cards coming in scrolls (farman) with exquisite Kundan Meena work and lining of silver and gold. Such enchanting wedding cards will surely bring your wedding invitation at par with royal invitations. These cards are sometimes customized with various die-cast or printed symbols or initials inside the card or in front. The classifiable textures, unmatched finish and attractive colors of Muslim Wedding Cards have become a signature of different Muslim matrimony around the world. Unique Bismillah Muslim Wedding Cards are made from different imported materials and are affordable.

You can view various catalogues of wedding cards online. Thus, modern and artistic Muslim Wedding Cards with appealing designs and intricate details are now just a mouse click away. The cards so lovely, that you will design your marriage around them! Various types of Muslim Wedding Cards are described below:

*Card of superior quality paper having floral pattern with Bismillah image and intricate kundan work in the center.

*Handmade silk paper with delicate die cut at the gold flaps. The flap has paisley design with kundan work. The tassel adds an ethnic flavor to it.

*Chic invitation card made of fine quality rich color satin cloth. The card front consists of the peacock feather imprint and golden print giving it a superb look. Inside the card, vellum paper has a classy golden self-print of a peacock feather. The envelope is made of rich card paper.

*Dazzling golden paisley print is stamped on a golden yellow textured card paper. A vellum paper band having floral print forms the base of the card and runs through its width. There is striking kundan work. The envelope is made of paper having metallic finish.

*Card made of rich quality card paper having pearl finish. It has a very contemporary and aesthetic die-cut floral design on its left and a customized Bismillah image in the center.

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