Muslim Wedding Cards

The word marriage fills us with great joy and excitement. This event enfolds all relative in a circle of love. Days before the marriage we start planning about different things to make it a beautiful and enjoyable occasion. For this pious ceremony, wedding cards are designed to invite and welcome guests and relatives. Cards are designed in every marriage irrespective of caste and religion. Designers keep in mind religious, cultural and aesthetic aspects while designing cards for your wedding.

It is at the time argued that wedding cards are just for informing people about the bride and grooms name and telling them about the venue and date of ceremony to show their presence, but actually wedding cards do a lot more than that.

These days, Muslim wedding cards are designed with a blend of traditions and modernity. One can find a large number of colors and designs. One may notice green color frequently due to its religious significance. Some of the other famous colors are golden, red, and cream. Red is second most common because it reflects the bonding thus perfect for the wedding ceremony. Basically it is reflection of red color of mehndi designed on the bride’s palm.

We all know that Mughals and Afghans have gifted the Muslim heritage with their rich culture, beauty and poetry. This poetry is also used in Nikaahnama. The Muslim wedding cards also show a reflection of Mughal art with designs of leaves, domes, peacock, feathers, and other intricate patterns. These patterns remind us of the Mughal empire centuries ago. These designs are embellished with decorative things like stones, bindis, mirrors, and many more. Different variety of the paper is used to create these cards like handmade, metallic satin silk, velvet. With these entire eyes catching decorations, marriage card fascinates your guests.

In some of the Muslim wedding invitations, you can find messages from Holy Quran. This is to bestow the blessings of Allah to the bride and groom so that they can have happy and prosperous life ahead. Some cards also have some significant symbols like that of the moon. Some are decorated with calligraphy. This shows that Muslim community gives much importance to ancient Muslim traditions.

Nowadays, wedding cards are available online also where you just have to order the desired card and delivery will be there at your door. is one such online shop for designer wedding cards. They have a large variety of Muslim wedding invitations related to Nikaah and Valima ceremony. You can browse their catalogue and select the required design. This shop also provides you customization facility so that you can bring your imagination into reality for your dream wedding.

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