Muslim Wedding Card – Select the Most Suitable According to Taste and Choice

Muslim Wedding Invitations

Irrespective of faith, wedding is the most special occasion in one’s life. The wedding invitation cards being the initiation of the occasion are therefore, designed in the most beautiful way, the Muslim wedding cards being no exception.

A muslim wedding is a religious as well as a social occasion resulting in the holy bonding of two lives. It consists of two events primarily, the Nikah and the Valima. The invitation for the former occasion goes from the bride’s side, and that of the latter goes from the groom’s side.

The purpose of the wedding card is an invitation to the wedding and announcement of the names of the couple along with their lineage, the venue and time of the auspicious wedding, and the names of the invitees. However, it is much more than just that.

The Muslim wedding cards remind of the great Islamic traditions. Muslim weddings are known as ‘Nikaah’ and often the Nikaahnama also contain verses from Kuraan although it is not mandatory. They are meant to bestow the blessings on the couple on this auspicious beginning of a life together.

Mostly the cards are made in traditional colors like green, cream, gold and red. Each color has its own significance like the green has religious importance or the red symbolizes fertility. Unlike the Hindus, they sometimes also use black colour. The material used to make the card is often handmade paper, metallic paper, satin, silk or velvet to give it a bright and attractive look. Beautiful shiny tissue papers can be used to cover the cards which give out a feeling of the veil. The cards are embellished with traditional Islamic symbols of dome or intricate floral patterns. Image of the rose flower in the design is another very common thing. Some cards may have religiously significant symbols like that of the moon. Ornamentation is done using colorful stones or bindis and decorative strings. The muslim wedding cards are found in Farmaan type, roll open type and traditional scroll type as a common practice. They often remind of the grand Moghul and Afghan traditions.

As per the ancient traditions, Calligraphy is an essential part of the Muslim Wedding Invitation Card. Even today all the text in a Muslim wedding card is written in calligraphy. The script of the text however is gradually changing to English instead of traditional Arabic.

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