Magnificent Muslim Wedding Cards – Takes You to Cultural Journey

Muslim Invitations

Wedding bells makes us giddy with anticipation, even the smallest things are done with special care during the wedding ceremony. Be it any kinds of religious wedding, ceremonies are made perfect and so is wedding invitation cards, Islamic wedding is of no exception. If you take a deeper look, you will find Muslim Wedding Cards are closely related to old Mughals art. Wedding invitation cards of Muslim is exceptional to look at, and it is definitely eye-catching. The wedding card is made with smooth materials, flashy colors and deep cryptic religious messages which make it unique.

Muslim Wedding Carries Moghul Heritage:

To make perfect cards for customer, designers design cards keeping in mind the religious, cultural and aesthetic aspects so it better suits their needs. In the beginning, wedding invitation cards were thought to inform people of the details of the marriage, name of the bride and groom, venue, time of the ceremony; but things have changed, and the same can’t be said for now because marriage is a lot more than informing people of the details. Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards is a combination of religious and modernity because it comprises of various numbers of colors and designs that resemble Mughal art. The often seen colors on the wedding invitation cards of Muslim are green, red, gold, crème, which signifies certain symbolic meaning to the Islamic religion. For instance, the color green shows religious importance and the color red represent fertility. Muslims are said to have followed in the footsteps of Mughals and Afghans because Islamic wedding cards and Muslim wedding cards have the old traditional art of Mughals.

The designs such as dome, peacock, feathers, leaves are designs that were used in the period of Mughals, and even poetry are performed in Nikaah, Islamic wedding. The designs are further ornamented with bindis, mirrors, stones, which gives the Muslim wedding cards a classy look. On top of these finest designs, verses from Holy Quran are added so the young married couples are bestowed with the blessing of Allah to start on their sacred journey. The marriage invitation cards of Muslim are made with materials as good as satin, velvet, metallic paper and the cards are covered with tissue paper like a veil. Some cards have symbols like the moon and some have calligraphy, which shows the importance of Muslim traditions.

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