Heartfelt Muslim Wedding Cards

Muslim Wedding Cards

Muslim Wedding Cards

The most awaited and auspicious occasion in human life is wedding. This occasion of love has to be celebrated in a fantastic way so that it becomes memorable for life not only for the bride and the groom but also for the guests, family and friends as well. A marriage card is very important where the near and dear ones are informed about all the events that will take place during the wedding. Every wedding card differs from person to person according to the customs and culture.

Muslim wedding cards are different and unique in their own way. Nikah- the Muslim marriage is an occasion of great celebration, joy and fun. It is basically starting of the most beautiful bond between two persons, who will be together for lifetime. Age is no bar and love neither sees age or caste creed or color. As per some reports, recently two people who are in there late 60’s met each other at a party and got married. The and bride and groom belonged to different cultures. A grand marriage celebrations was done where in all the near and dear ones where invited including their childhood friends. But the most striking thing about the marriage was that it had a wedding card that was most appreciated by the guests and everybody complimented the bride and groom for selecting such a fabulous card for marriage.

There are two important occasions in a Muslim wedding for which invitations are given these are Nikah and Walima. Nikah invitation is basically from the bride family and Walima – invitation is from the groom family. This event is taken as a grand occasion and once in a life time celebration in Muslim families.

Muslim wedding cards popularly known as shaadi cards, play a very important role, and add to the beauty of this occasion. There are huge options available for these wedding cards – light to bright, small to big, sophisticated to vibrant, older to designer.

Designer cards with unique and well written, well coordinated matter adds to the beauty of Muslim wedding card. Muslim wedding cards have unique features and different color signifies different meaning. Some characteristics include that these cards are generally based on contemporary concepts. Exclusive patterns and textures are used. Cards generally carry Islamic symbols and the background card for these cards is generally white as this color is believed to be very auspicious. Handmade cards are made with rich textured paper; jewels are also used at times to decorate cards and traditional scrolls or the roll open ones. Farman type is the general style used in Muslim wedding cards.

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