Exclusive Islamic Wedding Cards

Islamic Wedding Card

Wedding forms an eternal bond between a man and woman. It binds the couple and their respective families in thread of love for a lifetime. To make this occasion really special and memorable for the couple, families and everyone present, lots of arrangements are made. Islamic Weddings are popular for big arrangements and celebrations. Bride & Groom dressed in attractive, traditional costumes and guest dressed in colorful dresses increase the splendor of the occasion. Islamic weddings across the world have identical ceremonies. However, it is quite possible that there must be changes according to local customs. Like the Islamic wedding, in India is generally five daylong celebrations. On the first day, dinner takes place at the bride’s home then on the second day it takes place at the bridegroom’s home. The third day is known as Mehandi Raat. Beautiful designs and patterns are drawn on the bride’s hand and feet. On the fourth day, the Muslim wedding also known as “Nikaah” takes place. The word Nikaah stand for “unite” and this word significantly explain pious bond, love and commitment between two souls united by God’s will.  On the fifth day, Walima ceremony takes place. A grand ceremonial dinner is hosted from groom’s side for relatives and friends. Thus, any general wedding invitation card will not do justice to such big occasion.

You need a card that matches the grandness of the event as well as blends with the tradition. The online Islamic wedding card stores will make your shopping easy as it offers a huge variety of traditional and contemporary Islamic Wedding Cards and other related cards in various designs, material and price.

The cards in online store are based on significant Islamic symbols and wordings, like you will find the word Bismillah and different names of Allah engraved on the card. The wedding invitation cards are available in different patterns, colors, size and designs to give it a traditional touch. The online Islamic Wedding Invitation card store provides lots of flexibility to client. They can make changes to the color scheme, fonts, symbols and images. This is advantageous from the customer’s point of view as they don’t have to take up anything that is offered to them. It gives them an opportunity to incorporate own ideas and get what actually they want.

The Islamic wedding cards are made using handmade paper, fine silk, satin, colored stones, or jewels. In case you want to give royal touch to the wedding then choose scroll wedding invitation cards, you will find royal designs from Mughal era.

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