Beautiful Muslim Wedding Cards

Muslim Wedding Cards

Marriage is an important and crucial phase in a person’s life. The life of a boy and a girl changes completely and is welcomed by new feelings, responsibilities, emotions and love. The wedding in every religion is different, based on their individual and traditional values. Among these, Muslim weddings are special in their own way. This is like a social agreement which is generally termed as “Nikah”.

There are ardent religious ceremonies and social celebrations in a Muslim wedding. An important role is played by the Muslim wedding invitations. These are termed as “Nikah” and “Valima” cards. The Nikah cards are ordered by the bride’s family, and the same invitations from the groom’s side are termed as valima cards. These cards are available in exotic designs with innovative styles. These days, you can find such experienced designers who can create a card which blends all the traditions, styles, and cultural values in the “shaadi” card. A unique card with well coordinated designs adds warmth to your ceremony.

The biggest question comes is that where we can find these uniquely designed cards? Along with designs, it is also important that they fit into our budget. is an online shop which provides all the possible solution for your Nikah and valima cards. Here, you can find cards having contemporary concepts. Some very exclusive patterns with grains and textures are used. Conventional designs with Islamic symbols are made here keeping in mind your religious sentiments. As white color is considered auspicious in Muslim religion, you will find cards mostly with white background. The other styles in Muslim wedding cards like Farmans, wedding scrolls, and roll open cards are also found here.

In order to select the design of your choice, you have to visit the You can even browse through all the designs which are mentioned with all details and prices. You can pick a variety of your choice and place the order online. You will get delivery right at your door. The best part of is that they have an extensive collection so that one can find a card to fit in his pocket easily.

You can even go for customization of cards. In this, you can choose any printable Islamic symbol relating to your customs and traditions. So, just choose the best Muslim wedding invitation from and make your wedding a memorable event.

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