Things to Remember Before Ordering Shadi Cards

Muslim Shadi Cards

Shadi Cards

Wedding is announced by wedding cards and so they need to be perfect in every sense and there should not be any room for errors. Since the invitation cards create the first impression as to what would wedding be like, so they need to be chosen carefully. Equally, care should be taken with respect to the wedding invitation wordings and the vital information provided on the card should be checked twice and if possible thrice.

There are many websites and online wedding card shops such as Muslim Wedding Cards that showcases beautiful wedding cards and it is not at all difficult to customize these cards but the effort is required to select the best. There are certain things that should be taken care of in order to make the wedding card special, first and foremost is the design and look. Remember, the design of the card throws the first impression and it is necessary that the card should be awe the guests. The design and look of the card should be attractive so that one feels the inclination to go through it.

The colors on the card should be bright and not too many colors should be used as they make the card illegible. If too many colors are used, the card loses its appeal and the information is also not conveyed properly. The design could vary from traditional to modern and can be one side open or covered or any other design according to one’s taste.

Next important thing is content, the content should be appropriate, everything like venue, time, date and all the other necessary information should be mentioned on the card and the font should be proper. It should not be too large or too small and every things that is written on the card should be in proportion. An out of proportion font size could reveal some information and could inadvertently hide the other.

Language should be chosen according to the guests, professional circle can be given the cards in English and for family members the local dialect like Hindi, Urdu can be used. Cost is another important factor. The budget and guest list should be decided before the printing of cards so that the exact cost that can be estimated and can be kept within the budget. The cards should be ordered according to the number of guests so that there is no wastage. The printers should also be carefully selected and one or two sample prints of the cards should be taken prior to the final printing order of the card. All these factors will make the selection of wedding cards easier.

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Walima Ceremony Invitations – Give a Perfect Style to Pious Occasion

Walima Invitations

Walima Invitations

Wedding is not a single day event rather it includes pre and post wedding functions also and all the wedding events are celebrated with much fervor. All religions have different rituals and traditions related to marriage. However, the ritual may differ among religions but the essence of all is the same which is that it is a pious occasion and guests need to participate in it in order to bless the couple.

In the Muslim religion, after nikah which means wedding and ruksati ceremony, the next ceremony that takes place in Islam is Walima ceremony. This is a kind of reception where the guest are invited to shower their blessings on the newly wedded couple and all the near and dear one gather at one place to mark this occasion.

The reception holds an important place too as it is a grand function and requires a lot of preparations. These preparations are not easy to do as everything from decoration, caterers, venue, and music needs to be perfect. The most important among these are the walima invitations. These are in fact the most important part of the preparations as the occasion will be a success only if guests attend it and if the invitation is so impressive, it will no doubt force the people to attend the marriage ceremony.

The bride and the groom and their outfits should be perfect too. There are different wedding planners who take care of these things and would make your reception perfect. To make the reception happening there are lot of things that can be done like a proper music system and dancing floor. Good music has the power to make any ordinary event extraordinary. Dance also rejuvenates everyone and the event will be more enjoyable. Good food is also a thing to be taken care of. The menu should be good and different cuisines should be there in it.

If one wants to add more to the reception there could be a theme and everything from invitation cards to the decoration and food items can be based on that theme. The dresses that people wear on that day will be according to pre defined theme. The bride and the groom can also wear the theme based attire. All this will make the Walima ceremony more special and unique and will be cherished by one and all. The guests who are part of this reception will also enjoy and relish this experience. Dance, Music, Good food will all make the function entertaining.

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Shadi Cards – Special Invitations Need a Little Research

Shadi Cards

Shadi Cards

As the wedding is once in a lifetime event, there is a need of extreme care in the preparation of Shadi cards as everybody like the wedding to be a grand one. To start the grandeur, exquisitely designed invitation cards are needed and one leaves a lasting impression on the wedding guests with the designer cards. Though it takes a little effort in getting to the desired design of the card, but a card designed specially for you means that the wedding will also be a great one.

Wedding guests are invited through the shaadi cards. However, recent means of communication such as mobile messaging and emails have also crept in but these are confined to be only for reminders purposes. It is quite important feature; many initiatives are taken to print an impressive shadi card. It also helps to make wedding memorable. Before printing these cards, a very important and significant step is to select appropriate information and words, also time, date and venue of wedding events is also important. Also, the language is also decided in which the card is going to be printed. Like, English, Hindi, Urdu, etc. A combination of perfect design, wording and card printing is what makes an altogether awesome card from others.

Many designs of shadi cards are available in the market but one can also design their own wedding card and for assistance innovative ideas are available everywhere. But, for printing the own imaginative card, one could have to pay more and the delivery time could also be longer than the pre designed invitations that need to be just customized to the individual needs. The customization includes the change in the date, wedding venue time and the names of the bride and the groom as well as the RSVP and the card is ready. However, the cost of the depends on many aspects of the card. Like, number of cards, design and also accessories of the card. After deciding and confirming the guests and their number; then only one can decide the number of wedding cards to be printed.

Well it is quite good to get extra cards printed, so that one can make sure that one is able to send cards to someone that has not been included in the list of the invitees. But, also one should keep in mind that the number of cards affects the cost of total cards. For printing wedding cards one should opt a good online shop, which has a good experience as well as that one that offers a affordable pricing.

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Walima Invitations : Muslim Ceremony

Walima Invitations

Walima Invitations

Walima Ceremony is second next part of an Islamic Wedding as this ceremony is performed, soon after the Nikah (Wedding ceremony). The Walima word comes from Awlam, which refers to gathering or assembling. In Walima Ceremony, newly wed couple hosts a reception party so that their near and dear one can get an opportunity to celebrate the togetherness of bride and groom. Generally, it is the blessings of near and dear ones, which does count as most important thing, during the ceremony.

Walima Invitations are sent to the guests to come and join this pious occasion. The newlywed couple does take their seats on a stage which is generally decorated with beautiful flowers and lights. A buffet dinner is arranged either inside the hall or in the lawn outside. Now a days, people do try to make this event as lavish as they can and for that they even do not mind being extravagant.

Well if you want to make your Walima Ceremony memorable then without spending huge amount, you can make your ceremony memorable. All you need is to think of out of the box. Here are three things which you can do:

First, get hold of an attractive and unique designed Walima Invitation that not only stuns your guests but makes them feel that they are really going to a grand ceremony and they are invited to be part of the royal party.

Second idea is to rope in a wedding band because without music the ambience would be monotonous. If affording a popular music band or famous singers, is something which is out of your pocket, then the best thing is to hire a local band because by no means they are going to put extra burden on your budget. Since it’s a special day which comes once during a life time so you won’t mind spending a little more, in order to ensure a perfect Ceremony. A wedding band has become a must thing for reception parties. Whether it is a bollywood music, lollywood music or light instrumental music but make sure that music is not missing from your Walima ceremony.

Another interesting idea can be giving a dress code to all your guests. That would certainly make your the ceremony stand apart from the Walima ceremonies hosted by others. So do not be shy and be innovative so that your Walima ceremony is cherished by your guests for a long time.

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Heartfelt Muslim Wedding Cards

Muslim Wedding Cards

Muslim Wedding Cards

The most awaited and auspicious occasion in human life is wedding. This occasion of love has to be celebrated in a fantastic way so that it becomes memorable for life not only for the bride and the groom but also for the guests, family and friends as well. A marriage card is very important where the near and dear ones are informed about all the events that will take place during the wedding. Every wedding card differs from person to person according to the customs and culture.

Muslim wedding cards are different and unique in their own way. Nikah- the Muslim marriage is an occasion of great celebration, joy and fun. It is basically starting of the most beautiful bond between two persons, who will be together for lifetime. Age is no bar and love neither sees age or caste creed or color. As per some reports, recently two people who are in there late 60’s met each other at a party and got married. The and bride and groom belonged to different cultures. A grand marriage celebrations was done where in all the near and dear ones where invited including their childhood friends. But the most striking thing about the marriage was that it had a wedding card that was most appreciated by the guests and everybody complimented the bride and groom for selecting such a fabulous card for marriage.

There are two important occasions in a Muslim wedding for which invitations are given these are Nikah and Walima. Nikah invitation is basically from the bride family and Walima – invitation is from the groom family. This event is taken as a grand occasion and once in a life time celebration in Muslim families.

Muslim wedding cards popularly known as shaadi cards, play a very important role, and add to the beauty of this occasion. There are huge options available for these wedding cards – light to bright, small to big, sophisticated to vibrant, older to designer.

Designer cards with unique and well written, well coordinated matter adds to the beauty of Muslim wedding card. Muslim wedding cards have unique features and different color signifies different meaning. Some characteristics include that these cards are generally based on contemporary concepts. Exclusive patterns and textures are used. Cards generally carry Islamic symbols and the background card for these cards is generally white as this color is believed to be very auspicious. Handmade cards are made with rich textured paper; jewels are also used at times to decorate cards and traditional scrolls or the roll open ones. Farman type is the general style used in Muslim wedding cards.

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Shadi cards – latest designs cards for every design need

Muslim Cards

With the advancement in technology, new designs for Shadi cards are coming up ranging from ethnic to modern. The theme of marriage is often displayed through wedding cards and is communicated as well. You dream and it is realized with the latest designer cards. Depending on the choice of the family, such cards are created and are given exactly the shape, form and design as the family likes it to be. There are designer cards for the families who want pompous and groovy kind of wedding. On the other hand, families who desire simple wedding can stick to traditional cards.

The paper choice for making the cards range from handmade, tissue and imported papers. These paper choices are available in myriad colors and thus it further increases the number of choices for the people to select exactly the one that they like. There are cards for every religion, suiting every individual’s pocket and choice. The tradition of sending sweets on good occasions is common and keeping this in mind special wedding cards with boxes of sweets is also designed. These boxes also are designed as per the theme of the marriage and there are special tags on them bearing the name of the bride and groom as well as the venue details of the marriage.

Families that desire a royal kind of wedding may begin with royal invitation or the scroll cards, cards with jewels, meena cards. There are options where one can even get the pictures of the bride and groom printed on the cards. There are thank you cards, RSVP cards and lot more. For inviting those who are staying abroad there are options of e-invitation. Thus, when planning wedding, families have plenty of options to choose from and even to get a card designed for a perfect start.

To Know more about  latest designs Of Shadi cards Please go through

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Shadi Cards are not just invitations they mean lot more


Shadi Cards

Shadi cards are not just invitations these are symbols of love, importance and joy. When a wedding is planned many rituals and traditions are considered, inviting people is one of them. The tradition of inviting people is as old as the institution of marriage itself.  A Wedding card is a medium through which bride, bridegroom and their families communicate their intense joy and plans for the special day. Any day becomes special with family and friends and on occasions like wedding, the presence of loved ones is highly cherished. A wedding card is designed with utmost care as it is the first step and contains every needed detail regarding the wedding; it also sets the theme of marriage and gives a perfect start to the sacred occasion.

The range of wedding cards is diverse from simple, traditional to modern. It is a kind of foretaste of what the wedding will be. If a special theme is chosen by the couple even this is communicated through a wedding card. The emotions and sentiments of bride, bridegroom and family members are communicated in the form of poem, couplets and sometimes just by the special words in the invite. It is a way through which we try to make our near and dear ones part of the special day. Invitation card is something that is treasured years after the wedding as by just looking at their wedding card, people can easily relive the lovely memories of their wedding.

When selecting a design of wedding card utmost care should be taken and all the relevant and necessary information regarding the venue and date etc. should be printed on the card carefully in an easy to read form. This will not only make it easier for the guests to remember the date and time of the occasion but it will also make sure that they attend the occasion.

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Radiant Muslim Wedding Cards

Muslim Wedding Card

Nikaah is a beautiful ceremony which binds two hearts together for a lifetime. This blissful occasion of unconditional love and commitment even envelops the families and friends present to witness the occasion. Islamic wedding know as Nikaah in Urdu is carried out in a beautiful manner. Exclusively designed Muslim Wedding Cards make this event graceful.  Like in any other religion, wedding invitation cards are of great importance in Muslim community.

The wedding invitation cards are chosen with the utmost care. Once the wedding invitation cards are ready then it is cordially sent to invitees to notify them of the elite occasion that is Nikaah or Nikaahnama. There was a time when people just thought of invitation card as a mere medium to announce the world, names of the couple who are going to be tied in wedlock. Today wedding invitation card is more than that it depicts the social status of the families involved. Now the guest lists contains renowned personalities and celebrities so it is essential that the invitation card should justify the occasion.

Muslim like to follow their traditional, so will find this touch in every minute details of the wedding invitation card, whether it is colors, quotes, designs, patterns adopted to make Muslim wedding cards. In Islamic wedding cards, you will come across characteristic inscriptions, which relates to Holy Quran. The colors with religious significance in Islamic culture are chosen for the cards that’s why you will find more often green, cream, red and golden colors. The color green in Muslim faith is considered to be an auspicious and religious color, and the color red represents celebration and good luck. A strong influence of Afghan and Mughal culture can be seen in Muslim Wedding Invitation cards. Pattern such as leaves and feathers in various designs, pictures of domes, moon and peacock are some other popular designs you will find on cards. The Muslim wedding invites look stunning as it is made of fine silk, satin, metallic, handmade or velvet paper. In some wedding, cards have verses Holy Quran written as  it is considered good to start this lifelong journey with the blessing from Almighty Allah. The poetry from Mughal era is also seen commonly on cards.

Online Muslim Wedding Invitation card shop is the place where you will find different forms of exclusive Islamic cards like Valima Cards, Nikaah Cards in heartwarming variety. Visit today any of the online Islamic wedding card store and chose a dream card for the big occasion.

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Why to buy Muslim Wedding Invitation Card from online stores?

Muslim Wedding Invitation

Muslim weddings are very colorful traditional event. There are many factors that need to be pulled together to make wedding perfect. One such critical factor is the selecting a Muslim Wedding Invitation Card. After all, a card speaks a lot about what to expect from the Wedding.

As per Muslim tradition the wedding cards holds lot of importance. In the earlier days, the bride and the groom’s family were known to spend long hours looking for a wedding invitation card that suited their requirement and marriage setting. Today’s generation have a liberty for opting cards from online Muslim Wedding Invitation Card stores. There are various online shops that offer one the luxury to sit within the comforts of home and choose an ideal card that blends the customs and traditions of religion as well as the family.

The Islamic Invitation Cards can be either printed on luxurious handmade paper, metallic paper or even recycled paper in case you want to stick to “green”. Once printed then you can hand deliver them to invitees, or send them by mail.  You can even scan the invitation card and send it by email. In online store depending on the budget and requirement of the bride and groom the cards can be easily chosen. The online Muslim wedding card invitation stores are considered as great option that saves time as well as save cost.

Moreover, your Islamic wedding invitation card can be personalized in order to match it with the requirement of the occasion. The cards can be fully customized you can put quotations or pictures or Religious symbols that you like. You can change color scheme and see it with just a click of the mouse. In case, you want something very specific you can tell the online designer they will gladly do it for you without any further cost.

Everyone has a choice when it comes to cards, and going for a card that is liked by near and dear ones will make everyone happy. You can tell the online stores address and code of the card that you have liked, so your near ones will also be able to see it.

Once you have given order, the cards will be printed, enveloped and beautifully decorated and delivered at your doorstep. Thanks to these online Muslim Wedding Invitation cards stores, shopping for cards have become a simple job that one can sit at home and do. Moreover, compared to other off line options, these are actually cheaper and better.

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How To Buy Cards From Online Muslim Wedding Card Invitation Stores

Muslim Wedding Card

Choosing a wedding invitation card is one of the toughest jobs, as care should be taken to make sure that the card represents the culture, belief and customs of the religion. At times just by having a look at the cards people can tell to which religion the wedding card belongs because according to the different religions the cards have different shades, symbols that are of significance to that particular religions.

Like in Islamic wedding invitation cards shades of gold, red, cream, green are widely used. The religious symbols, pictures and saying from Holy Quran further adorn the invitation cards. Getting a good Islamic wedding invitation card is a challenging task, if you are living in a small town. The options you will have is limited, and you would be forced to choose from it. Customization of the card is really impossible. Moreover, you have to personally collect the card or make arrangement to get it collected from the card printing shops. Undoubtedly it is a time consuming process.

In case you want a huge variety of traditional and contemporary cards and don’t want go to local card shop and argue over the price than exclusive online Muslim Wedding Cards stores are just right for you, it offers you the luxury to browse through variety of marriage invitation cards in every color and texture.

Now you must be wondering how to reach exclusive online store selling Muslim Wedding Invitation. It is very simple, open any search engine and write the keyword related to wedding cards like “Muslim wedding Invitation Card”, “Islamic Wedding Invitation Cards”, “Nikaah Invitation Cards”, “Valima Invitation Cards”, etcetera and search. It will display a list of online stores selling these invitation cards.  Online stores have very attractive, easy to browse websites. The information about the card is given below its icon, like what material is used, what is the size and price.

The Islamic wedding cards exclusively designed as per Muslim faith. You will find symbols that have religious value like the moon and stars and signs from Mughal and Afghan Culture.

Once you have chosen the card than you can get it customized as per your need. Ask for a sample card first or soft copy, cross check to make sure it has all the   information you wanted because once the cards are printed then it will not be possible to make changes. Give a green signal if you find everything in coordination. The beautifully printed and enveloped card will be delivered at home within the specified time.

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